Saturday, May 12, 2007


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Brian and i are fighting a FOW campaign and this is the "blog" for it.
We fought our first battle today. This was the first outing for my infantry stands and PiiiL's.
Brian got a tactical victory, capping a flag with his last KV1, Damn those Guards units. All russians should be conscript i tell you.
First up is the actual map our battleground was based on, followed by a shot of the table.

Next is our deployments. I intended to rush my Armored Panzer Grenadiers up to cap the flag "damn the antitank guns full speed ahead."

Well we lost 1 251 and all passengers, but the assault carried on and the sole surviving AT gun fled along with the remainder of that Panzer Grenadier platoon.

Here we see my sporadic air support smoking one of Brian's looted 251 reserves coming on the table. Unfortunately the passengers made their saving throw.

Realizing too late that my PiiiL's could not penetrate the KV1's front armor i sent them to bombard his infantry an keep that side of the table bottled up. In this picture we see Brian removing infantry stands from the 9 dice of 50mm and 6 dice of MGs.

Here the 2nd Panzer Grenadier platoon is assaulted by the KV1's. Unfortunately the picture of the Heroic Panzer Knacker commander blowing up a KV1 did not come out. What really saved up is that one KV1 got bogged so bad on the hedge that even his wide track reroll couldn't unbog him. That and our Confident Veteran status.

This picture is of just after the last surving stand of infantry and the HQ threw 6 dice of SMG and MG fire into the assaulting red horde leaving them with just 2 stands that remained broken until the last turn. oh yea and the armored car patrol arrived to give the KV1 something to shoot at as soon as he crashed through the hedge.

Our valiant Company Commander rushed and stormtrooped to get close enough to the flag to extend the game one more turn. They died shortly after this due to a failed save from a MG hit.

and here is our last ditch effort could the Luftwaffe pull it out? NO. He missed.

Good game, could have gone either way. I should have focused more on the flag less on breaking the infantry in the woods, who knows.
Brian got a good roll for the next mission a breakthrough. However we definitely inflicted more casualties than we took.

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Brian said...

Definitely a good game. The Guards Heavy Tanks carried the load (as I expected them to). I used a pair of single-platoon Motostelkovy companies with max HMGs, intending that these would dig in and hold their positions while the armored transporter and KV's went foward. In that role, the small unit did quite well, weathering a ton of fire from Chuk's panzers. Even understrength there were 15 teams in the platoons (after attaching a couple of ATR to each), which takes a long time to dig out of their holes. However, on the other flanks one of those platoons was pressed into an attacking role, where the smaller number of teams combined with the conscript rating to make them relatively ineffective.

While the Soviets won the battle, we did suffer pretty heavy losses and the loss of the 2 KV's will be especially felt. Under the campaign rules, replacing losses in tank support units is tough, so I'm already in a quandry as to whether I send the KV's foward in the next mission. It's a Breakthrough, and under out rules, I can advance two sectors if I win, placing me on the German Home Sector. So I have to decide whether to commit the KV's to the Breakthrough in hopes of getting the two sector advance or whether to try and win the Breakthrough with my other forces and hold the KV's for the final assault...